Housing All Australians

We’re bringing a private sector voice and commercial lens, to help address Australia’s chronic shortage of low income affordable housing. This is unlike any other charity in the affordable housing space in Australia.

Housing All Australians was established to facilitate a private sector voice, through a commercial lens to advocate that the provision of housing for all Australians is fundamental economic infrastructure upon which to build a successful and prosperous economy.

Housing All Australians (HAA) is a private sector registered tax deductible (DGR1) charity that believes it is in Australia’s long-term economic interest to provide housing for all its people; rich or poor.

Just like the provision of roads, schools and hospitals – safe, affordable and stable housing for all our people is fundamental economic infrastructure.

Australia’s chronic shortage of affordable social and public housing is set to create an inter-generational time bomb where the future economic costs of managing the unintended consequences of homelessness, such as mental and physical health, family violence, policing, justice and long-term welfare dependency, will explode.

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What we do

Pop Up

Repurposing vacant properties awaiting redevelopment, to provide short-term transitional accommodation

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Give Me

A series of economic studies on the long-term costs of underproviding public, social and affordable housing

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Affordable Housing

PwC Analysis – Dec 2019

The Permanent Rental Affordability Development Solution – a new twist on an existing approach

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