Alternative Housing

Ideas challenge

Seven proposals have been shortlisted in the Alternative Housing Ideas Challenge.

An independent jury selected the entries for new housing models to increase alternative and affordable housing supply across our city and reduce housing stress.

The shortlisted entries were whittled down from more than 230 as part of the international challenge, which invited housing ideas in the areas of financing, design, building, ownership and management.

The City anticipates the successful chosen projects will provide learnings for future initiatives.

The community will have the opportunity to provide feedback on the shortlisted concepts as part of the City’s consultation to shape Sydney 2050.

Key dates

  • Stage 2 – proposal development will run from 19 June to 15 November 2019.
  • Stage 3 – the proposals will be on public display in February 2020.


Linda Fiskus
Procurement Specialist

Shortlisted proposals

Sydney Smart Home

Smart Home Sydney proposes housing that monitors its residents and collects data to offset costs providing affordable housing options for residents in urban neighbourhoods.

Equity Housing Model

The Equity Housing Model aims to provide truly affordable housing for moderate to low income earners. The proposal allows a mix of lifetime leases, affordable and social housing in a flexible rental model.

Metropolitan Land Trust Policy

Housing and equity are not design issues – they’re land issues. The proposal considers a Sydney-wide community land trust policy that will provide a consistent platform for equitable community-led alternative housing models and innovative development models.

Pop-Up Shelters

Thousands of buildings across our cities stand vacant and often sit idle. These buildings could be repurposed for minimal cost and used for short-term shelter as crisis or transitional accommodation for people.

The Rightsize Service

The Rightsize Service is a part design-led approach combined with a finance and management model that could enable motivated home-owners to create new dwellings in existing houses.

The Third Way

Creating a third way between market housing and social housing, and between ownership and renting, would increase the affordable housing supply in Sydney.

Pixel Pilot

The Pixel Pilot proposes pixels – 16 square metre units comprising a single private room and bathroom – around generous communal living spaces to create a form of dwelling that matches more closely with the way people live.

Reimagining how we live

The 7 shortlisted teams discussed their creative concepts with a panel of experts at the 2019 Sydney Architecture Festival.

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