Homelessness in focus

Radio National Breakfast program, Wednesday 10th July 2019. Host: Hamish Macdonald. Guests: Adrian Pisarski, executive officer, National Shelter and Robert Pradolin, commercial property developer, and founder, Housing All Australians

As the Morrison Government comes under pressure to stimulate the economy through infrastructure spending, it’s being urged to use the opportunity to build more social housing.

Australia’s lord mayors have been meeting this week to ramp up their campaign for greater federal and state government action on the nation’s housing crisis.

They met with the new Assistant Minister for Homelessness Luke Howarth yesterday, who has been rebuked by the Opposition for his comments on this program that it’s important to put a “positive spin on homelessness”.

Mr Howarth has made emergency accommodation the Government’s priority, a stance at odds with the lord mayors, who say a lack of affordable housing is fuelling the crisis.

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