Single, female, homeless. Australia’s shameful crisis

Older women are the fastest-growing cohort of homeless people in Australia today. And for many, it’s an unexpected life shock that tipped them into destitution. She used to be on first-name terms with TV hosts Michael Parkinson and Mike Walsh, and with the superstars – Dusty, Elton, Billy, Twiggy and Ringo – who thought nothing […]

Post fire plan to house all Australians

We must harness the collective goodwill that has been demonstrated after the bushfires as part of a longer-term and economically-based strategy to house all Australians, writes Robert Pradolin. The impact the current bushfires are having on people cannot be understated. The scale of the devastation is unimaginable. Thousands of Australians have become homeless. However, the […]

NAB earmarks $2b for social housing, but industry says it isn’t enough

  NAB has pledged $2 billion to finance housing projects for vulnerable Australians, but industry insiders say the money isn’t enough to fix the nation’s problems. The bank will use the pool of money to give loans (expected to be between $2.5 million and $5 million in size) to organisations which provide housing to domestic […]

Melbourne unites on World Homeless Day

  Melbourne’s corporate and property sectors, philanthropists, charities and local governments are coming together to build more accommodation for the more than 300 people that sleep rough on the streets each night. The City of Melbourne is bringing together these groups to work collaboratively to find, assess and redevelop suitable buildings to deliver more beds […]

Homelessness in focus

As the Morrison Government comes under pressure to stimulate the economy through infrastructure spending, it’s being urged to use the opportunity to build more social housing. Australia’s lord mayors have been meeting this week to ramp up their campaign for greater federal and state government action on the nation’s housing crisis. They met with the […]

Housing the new infrastructure

Reserve Bank Governor Phillip Lowe is right. We must use the unique opportunity in this economic cycle of low-interest rates, to invest in the right infrastructure for Australia that will provide a sound long-term economic foundation for our future. This infrastructure is housing. And for all Australians, rich or poor. If we are to strategically […]

Why super funds should lead the charge on affordable housing

Governments should lease land free of charge to the superannuation industry so more funds can invest in social housing, a former Frasers Property manager has told The New Daily. Robert Pradolin, who runs Housing All Australians – a not-for-profit dedicated to encouraging private-sector investment in affordable and social housing – said the emerging build-to-rent sector […]

Here’s why building more public housing will help all Australians

Reserve Bank Governor Phillip Lowe is right. We must exploit this period of low interest rates to invest in infrastructure that provides a sound, long-term economic foundation for our future. This infrastructure is housing. And for all Australians – rich or poor. The economic health of our cities is at crisis point due to the […]

Alternative Housing

Ideas challenge Seven proposals have been shortlisted in the Alternative Housing Ideas Challenge. An independent jury selected the entries for new housing models to increase alternative and affordable housing supply across our city and reduce housing stress. The shortlisted entries were whittled down from more than 230 as part of the international challenge, which invited […]

Pop-up shelters could solve housing woes

The City of Sydney is looking into smart new ways of boosting affordable housing supply across the city after shortlisting a number of innovative ideas at its recent housing challenge. From a cutting-edge housing model to affordable high-rises, a number of submissions were made to help council improve the affordability of housing and tackle homelessness […]

Councils can make affordable housing more attractive to private developers

Councils can play a key role in helping supply affordable housing by making private developments incorporate social housing components, says Robert Pradolin, the Founder of Melbourne based Not-for-Profit group Housing All Australians. He says councils can provide an incentive to private developers to include affordable homes by re-zoning developments in a way that adds value. Pradolin […]


Smart homes with eye scanners, pop up shelters in unused buildings and affordable ownership models are some of the innovative ideas shortlisted for the City of Sydney’s housing challenge. Jurors selected seven entries for new ideas for alternative housing models to increase affordable housing supply across our city and reduce housing stress. The shortlisted entries […]

Enough is enough: We can’t wait for governments to end homelessness

How many tragic deaths will it take before we take meaningful action and formulate a clear national housing strategy to end homelessness?  As a society we have to face the facts – there is a chronic failure in our society that results in people being out in the cold, vulnerable and isolated. The violent death […]

Property sector raises $250k for HAA

On March 1st, at the Myer Mural Hall in Melbourne, TEN Women, a high profile group of ten women in the property industry who are making a real difference, hosted a sell-out amazing lunch for five hundred people.  They raised a staggering $250,000 for HAA’s Pop Up Shelter initiatives.  HAA Founder Rob Pradolin gave an […]

New York-style rent-controlled apartments coming to Melbourne

Offering half-priced rent for low income earners, a new rental model is coming to town — and it’s part of a development including a five-star hotel that offers guests access to a butler. Melbourne is set to get its first New York-style, privately owned rent-controlled apartments. Low and middle-income workers will be able to lease […]

Victorian government green lights triple-tower development on Spencer Street

Victorian planning minister Richard Wynne has approved a triple-tower complex of 700 dwellings, after the developer agreed to include 20 affordable units. The $800 million project, at the Spencer Street site of the former convention centre, will include more than 500 apartments and 168 luxury hotel rooms in two 26-storey buildings and a 33-storey tower. […]