A private sector group using a commercial lens to help address Australia’s chronic shortage of low-income affordable housing.

Our Big Vision:

An Australia where everyone has a stable place to call home – no matter if they’re rich or poor.

Our Single Mission:

To harness the ability of the private sector and collaborate to address the chronic shortage of low-income affordable housing.

Who We Are:

Housing All Australians (HAA) was established in 2019 as a ‘for purpose’ organisation, to facilitate a private sector voice, and re-position the discussion and action on social and affordable housing for those on low to very low incomes. Our commercial lens is like no other charity in this space.

We are a group of private sector individuals and corporates with a shared vision that it is in Australia’s long term economic interest to house all Australians, including those on low incomes.  Unless we do, we will be leaving a significant burden for future generations, with disastrous economic and social consequences.

We are classified as a Public Benevolent Institution with full tax deductibility benefits.

Australia’s chronic shortage of affordable, social and public housing is set to create an intergenerational time bomb.

Our Values:

  • Thinking with an inter-generational perspective
  • Delivering long term value to Australian taxpayers
  • Bipartisan collaboration

Our Role:

  • To harness the goodwill that exists within the private sector to develop strategies, take actions and raise awareness in respect to the fundamental human need for shelter.
  • To increase the availability of, and access to, affordable housing for those on low incomes in order to relieve poverty, distress or disadvantage.
  • To provide a forum for the sharing of facts, ideas, experience and private sector skills around the creation of affording housing options throughout Australia.

Our ambitious projects:

Deliver short term transitional housing in existing buildings that are sitting idle and going through a long redevelopment process.

2. GIVE ME SHELTER: An Australian first economic study into the long term impacts for future generations of not providing housing for all.

3. AFFORDABLE HOUSING MODEL: Convince super funds to undertake commercial developments on Govt land under a long term lease agreement rather than Govt selling the land to the private market.

4. BUILD-TO-RENT: Create a new instrument to subsidise the incorporation of low income housing into Build-to-Rent housing and apartment developments.

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