The Long-Term Costs of Youth Homelessness to Australia: New Report

Today, on Youth Homelessness Matters Day, we are thrilled to announce the release of the Leave No Young Australian Behind report. This third part in our Give Me Shelter series of reports was created in collaboration with SGS Economics and Planning, and highlights the long-term costs of youth homelessness in Australia. 

This comprehensive study sheds light on the profound economic implications of youth homelessness, confirms the ‘rate of return’ achieved from solving it, and underscores the urgent need for social and affordable housing solutions. 

Robert Pradolin, Executive Director at Housing All Australians, said the Report underscores the critical need to address youth homelessness. “Policymakers are encouraged to pay close attention to the remarkable rates of return achieved from investing in social and affordable housing for young people. It is comparable to and often greater than, the returns achieved on other major Australian infrastructure investments.” 

Key Findings:
– Every $1 the Australian community invests in social and affordable housing for youth will deliver $2.6 in benefits. 
– Failure to act on shelter needs will be costing the community $4.5 billion* per year by 2051. 
– The benefits of providing adequate housing are estimated at $7.3 billion*. 

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Sincere thanks to all our supporters for their incredible efforts and input to make this publication what it is. We’re so proud of this report and are excited to see the conversations it inspires.

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