Mike Zorbas: We must be ambitious for creating a better Australia

The Federal legislation to support the Australian Housing Future Fund is at a stalemate. Housing All Australians is proposing that we unite as a country, achieve a compromise between the political parties and agree to target ending homelessness. Tasmania can be a test case for housing policy and supply – measuring the economic and social outcomes that will inevitably occur. The Government of Tasmania is well on its way by targeting to build 10,000 homes by 2032 while their housing waiting list is only 4,500. No other state or territory is in the same position. This is a low-cost option with staggering benefits to the community, and an easy compromise for the Federal Australian Government to make.

Michael Zorbas describes this as “a very powerful idea” and “the sort of idea that needs to be encouraged”.  Tasmania’s approach highlights the possibilities when every part of the system works in a true partnership to achieve the impossible. As Mike says, “We must be ambitious for creating a better Australia”.