Emerald Street, Victoria

In partnership with South Port Community Housing Group (SPCHG), our Emerald Street refurbishment will bring 31 units back to rentable standards to be offered to individuals in need.

The property was put forward for redevelopment under a program of the Victorian Government but cost escalations led to its withdrawal. Together with Emerald Street owner and operator, SPCHG, Housing All Australians engaged a project team including Builder, Architects, Building Surveyor, and Project Manager to work with us to refurbish the individual units.

Seeing local businesses including Better Living Group, Quest Apartments, Linen House, Dulux, Point Architects, RMIT University and Plantfulness help us address the urgent need for social housing has generated significant media interest.

With the value of the pro bono works estimated to be more than $700,000, the 31 units will be completed in early 2024, ready to provide long-term, affordable housing to single adults facing homelessness. SPCHG are the property owners and operators supporting residents with practical services. They operate independently of government funding and rely on below-market rent from tenants to fund their operations.