Lakehouse, Victoria

Our pioneering pop-up housing model provides temporary accommodation for vulnerable Australians by re-purposing vacant buildings awaiting redevelopment.
In collaboration with community housing agencies and property owners, the model takes advantage of the thousands of empty buildings across Australia that can be re-purposed for short-term use as crisis or transitional housing. It is a short-term response by the private sector.
The Lakehouse in South Melbourne owned by CaSPA Care was previously a vacant aged care facility. By harnessing private sector and local government donated time, goods, fit-out and building services it has already housed more than 130 women with support from YWCA Housing.
YWCA Housing is the lessee, and tenancy provider and supports those being housed while connecting them to additional community services. The average stay for the women is 9 months. 42% of the women are survivors of family violence.
The women are all supported into long-term housing with either YWCA, public housing, referrals to other housing providers, or private rentals. Some return safely to family and friends.
YWCA pays a peppercorn annual fee for the use of the property. Building outgoings are paid by YWCA out of nominal rent paid by the women.
Planning permission has been granted to complete 20 additional bedroom units taking the total to 50. Refurbishment is currently underway.


women housed

9 month

average stay

50 rooms

in refurbishment