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Team of housing heroes help tenants move into homes renovated by volunteers

As featured on A Current Affair last night, together with our partners, Better Living Group and South Port Community Housing Group, we’re celebrating the completion of our Emerald Street refurbishment. With more than $700,000 in pro-bono works, the 31 units providing long-term, affordable housing to single adults facing homelessness.

Working alongside people like Silvio Mazzei, the Better Living team and all our Emerald St partners (RMIT UniversityQuest Apartment HotelsLinen House AustraliaDulux Plantfulness – Gardening for GoodInterfaceGWA Group Limited) is a wildly positive and motivating experience.
“We need to get behind this problem, we need to fix it as an industry and collectively, I believe we could do that,” he said. “There’s only one way to help and that is to roll your sleeves up.”


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