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UDIA: The affordable housing crisis is costing Queensland business billions, so what can we do?

In a follow up chat with Dr Greg Usher from Housing All Australians, we find out more about what the social and economic costs are when there’s a lack of affordable housing.

Lack of affordable housing will cost Queensland businesses billions of dollars in lost productivity this year, and failure to act will only see that figure increase annually.

A new economic study, Give Me Shelter, commissioned by the business-led, not-for-profit, Housing All Australians (HAA), shows that decades of under-investment by successive state and federal governments has seen social and affordable housing stock plummet. This means there simply isn’t enough housing for key workers, let alone the vulnerable in our society. Give Me Shelter quantifies the long-term financial impact of continuing to ignore this issue at $25 billion per annum by the year 2051. That’s a figure we, as a society, simply can’t afford to ignore.

Read the full article with Urban Development Institute of Australia, Queensland, here.