What we do

We commission action, advocacy and research on social and affordable housing policy with an economic lens.

The lack of affordable housing and the resulting increase in homelessness is set to create a significant social and financial burden for Australia.

By working together, we leverage the enormous knowledge, experience and resources of our business community – from smaller businesses to national brands – to tackle one of the most pressing issues of our time. 

Our Strategic Priorities

Pop-Up Housing

Short-term, ‘meanwhile use’ housing in underutilised buildings


Private sector-led viable, affordable housing options


Communicate the long-term economic impact of not providing housing for all

Our Research
& Advocacy

Give Me Shelter

‘Give Me Shelter’ is a ground-breaking series of economic reports outlining the significant costs of not addressing Australia’s chronic shortage of affordable, public and social housing.

Pop-Up Housing

There are thousands of suitable unused empty buildings across Australia that can be re-purposed for short-term use as crisis or transitional shelter, without cost to the owner.

PRADS: Progressive Residential Affordability Development Solution

PRADS enables the private sector to collaborate with the government to create additional value within a development that can be used as a subsidy for affordable housing by increasing development density or negotiated outcomes of rezoning applications.

Affordable Housing Register

Australia will be home to a game-changing digital National Affordable Housing Register. The NAHR is designed to tackle the nation’s housing crisis by unlocking private capital to fund affordable housing projects, nationwide.


Under Cover

Narrated by actor Margot Robbie, UNDER COVER is a feature length documentary shining a light on the devastating, often-secret reality that women over 50 are increasingly experiencing homelessness in this country.

Media + Policy

Hundreds of editorials, events and interviews by HAA and its supporters regularly appear in The Financial Review, The Age, The Sydney Morning Herald, The Western Australian, ABC TV and SBS and Radio and numerous industry publications including AICD magazine, UDIA Urban Connections, and Property Council of Australia.

Tracking our successes towards 2025

20 additional rooms at Lakehouse, Victoria
House up to 20 women at Gardenhouse, Victoria
3 new projects underway or complete (housing at least 50 ppl each)
Complete Wyn Carr House, WA
2 permanent transitional projects underway
Results of PRADS Stage 1 Pilot
MOUs with 10 national suppliers & partners
Commercial partners impacting multiple housing charities
Strengthened relationships with community housing providers
National base of volunteers
HAA instrumental in unlocking government and church land
‘Undercover’ film distributed and fostering dialogue
20 events completed nationally
Give Me Shelter content is widely cited, informing the private and government sector.
Social and affordable housing regularly cited as economic infrastructure.