Pop Up Shelters

Pop Up Shelters

Pop ups with Purpose: Housing All Australians in the short term 

Pop-up housing is a critical part of our mission to help business end homelessness in Australia. 

    We renovate properties awaiting development across Australia to make them available as temporary “pop-up” accommodation for people experiencing homelessness.  

Housing All Australians secure the property and its corporate partners donate their professional services, building or furnishing materials, or funds to transform these buildings into safe, welcoming and supportive environments.  

Our corporate partners support us to provide temporary pop-up housing for people experiencing homelessness. They donate professional services, building or furnishing materials, or funds to help us achieve our mission.  

Our first two pop-up shelters have opened in Melbourne, with shelters underway and planned across Australia.

Gardenhouse, Box Hill

Working alongside more than 40 of our partners, Housing All Australians has facilitated the restoration of a rundown house, turning it into a secure and welcoming temporary home for women facing homelessness.


Women Housed At Any One Time


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How does the pop up housing model work?

Help house those in need

Do you know of a vacant building?

 We’re on the lookout for vacant properties that we can re-purpose for short-term transitional accommodation for people facing homelessness.