AHURI Scope Brief

Historically, the discussion about the provision of affordable social and public housing has been perceived as a purely social issue championed by charity and not-for-profit organisations. 

Housing All Australians (HAA) was established to facilitate a private sector voice, through a commercial lens, to reposition the discussion and advocate that the provision of housing for all Australians, rich or poor, is fundamental economic infrastructure upon which to build a successful and prosperous economy. 

HAA believe it is important to establish the business logic behind advocating for a significant, and at scale, investment in more affordable social and public housing.  Therefore, HAA is commissioning the well-respected Australian Housing and Urban Research Institute (AHURI) to undertake a study to determine the long term, unintended consequences of homelessness.

In addition to this, HAA also intends to engage a number of eminent subject matter experts to robustly examine the study outputs – this will provide support and validation to the resulting public discussion and communication campaign.  In an unprecedented recognition of the long term economic implications, the Salvation Army is supporting HAA in the undertaking of this economic study and the subsequent community education campaign.

HAA and the Salvation Army both believe that Australia’s chronic shortage of affordable social and public housing is set to create an intergenerational time bomb where the future economic costs of managing the unintended consequences of homelessness, such as mental and physical health, family violence, policing, justice and long-term welfare dependency, will explode.

HAA are currently approaching corporate Australia to assist in underwriting the cost of this study. Please review the AHURI document to understand more about the Institute as well as the study scope, background and purpose.

Should your company wish to financially support this initiative, please contact us at info@housingallaustralians.org.au.

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