Historically, the discussion about the provision of affordable social and public housing has been perceived as a purely social issue.

Housing All Australians (HAA) was established to facilitate a private sector voice, through a commercial lens, to reposition the discussion and advocate that the provision of housing for all Australians, rich or poor, is fundamental economic infrastructure upon which to build a successful and prosperous economy.

HAA’s National Economic Study commenced in 2021. It aims to deliver a cost benefit ratio that brings to life the scale of future costs which can be avoided through adequate at scale investment in public, social and affordable housing.

HAA is incredibly grateful for the support of the following organisations in bringing this Economic Study to life: APD Projects, Assemble, AV Jennings, Bendigo Bank, City of Sydney, Department of Housing and Human Services (Vic), Frasers Property Australia, ISPT, Melbourne University, Metricon, Minter Ellison, MONA, Monash University, Plenary, Salvation Army, Simonds Group, Stockland, TRACT, Victorian Planning Authority.

Following a robust selection process, SGS Economics and Planning (SGS) was selected as the Research partner for the first phase of our research strategy. SGS aims to deliver a compelling and credible economic narrative that quantifies the long term costs to Australia of not providing sufficient public, social and affordable housing.

SGS and HAA believe that the national perspective adopted by Housing All Australians makes this study an Australian first.  We will utilise the outcome of SGS’s research, which is expected in the fourth quarter of 2021, to actively engage the private sector, government and other key stakeholders, as part of a national education campaign on the long term economic costs to the Australian society.

Our objective with this study is to start to shift the consciousness of Australian taxpayers regarding the future cost to our children of inadequate investment in housing all Australians, rich or poor.

We need to educate the public about what they don’t know and create what we are calling “respectful unrest”, because without “respectful unrest”, there will never be any political self-interest to solve these long term policy issues.

HAA and the Salvation Army both believe that Australia’s chronic shortage of affordable social and public housing is set to create an intergenerational time bomb where the future economic costs of managing the unintended consequences of homelessness, such as mental and physical health, family violence, policing, justice and long-term welfare dependency, will explode.

Should your company wish to financially support this initiative, please contact us at info@housingallaustralians.org.au.


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