Give Me Shelter

The long-term costs of underproviding public, social and affordable housing.

Give Me Shelter is a ground-breaking report that outlines the significant costs of not addressing the chronic shortage of affordable, public and social housing in Australia. Commissioned by Housing All Australians (HAA), the economic study shows decades of underinvestment by governments in “non-market” housing has led to social housing numbers falling to record lows – just 4 per cent of national housing stock, compared with 6 per cent in 1996.

Give Me Shelter clearly demonstrates the underlying business case for greater investment in affordable, public and social housing.

About Housing All Australians (HAA)

Housing All Australians is a business-led initiative dedicated to helping address Australia’s chronic shortage of low-income affordable housing. With the findings of this report, we encourage all Australian businesses to lend their voice to a national conversation: Housing all Australians – an economic platform for a prosperous country.

What you can do

We are calling for your support to create a business-led movement to help solve Australia’s chronic shortage of low-income affordable housing. If you’d like to be involved, share Give Me Shelter, watch the webinar, follow us on social media or contact us via the form below.

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Unpacking the Give Me Shelter report

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