Pop Up Shelters are re-purposed vacant buildings awaiting redevelopment, used to provide transitional accommodation.

The creation of Pop up Shelters are an immediate response by the private sector to a country in crisis. There are 1000’s of suitable unused empty buildings across Australia that can be repurposed for short-term use as crisis or transitional shelter, without cost to the owner.

HAA’s first Pop Up Shelter, The Lakehouse in South Melbourne has already housed more than 78 women with support from YWCA.

Conceived by our founder and property developer, Rob Pradolin after contemplating the many unused, vacant buildings within Melbourne, The Pop-Up Shelter concept was formed to a provide immediate short-term solution to homelessness whilst more long-term options can be explored and implemented.

In collaboration with community housing agencies, a redevelopment process can ensure that these vacant buildings can be repurposed to provide temporary transitional housing.

While protecting the owner’s property rights, vacant buildings in Sydney and Melbourne have already been successfully used as Pop Up Shelters.

 How does the model work?


The Lakehouse, South Melbourne

Garden House, Box Hill

New South Wales

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South Australia

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Western Australia

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